Wayne's Music


Dear Mom

Upbeat contemporary bluegrass/acoustic music, including traditional, spiritual, originals and standards and featuring award-winning musicians.

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2008


Buffalo Shoals

Fresh new original bluegrass music, contemporary with an old timey feel, with the absolute tightest harmonies in the industry today.

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2005


Movin' On

Wayne Taylor's solo CD, "Movin' On" paints a colorful tapestry of life's ups and downs. Also included is "Red Is The Color", a song he wrote in honor of his friend Jim Red Cloud's son who passed away in 2010. A native of North Carolina, Wayne has produced his eighth project entitled, Movin' On. This solo CD should prove to be one of his best! This diverse collection of songs features "Red Is The Color", a tribute to his friend Jim Red Cloud from South Dakota, who lost his son in 2010. Wayne draws from life's ups and downs to weave together a colorful tapestry of music.

Wayne Taylor - guitar, lead vocals
Dale Ann Bradley - harmony vocals
Steve Gulley - harmony vocals
Emory Lester - mandolin, guitar on cuts 2 and 6
Kene Hyatt - bass
Keith Arneson - banjo
Gaven Largent - dobro
Rickie Simpkins - viola and fiddle
Jim Red Cloud - intro prayer to Red Is The Color

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2014


Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa

Bluegrass music - It's a clean, diverse, and heartfelt music that will appeal to all music fans. Each song is an appealing musical tapestry as the seasoned band members artfully intertwine their instrumental genius with the lyrics to create an aural masterpiece. No where is this better demonstrated than on “I’m Gonna Be,” where Emory Lester (mandolin), Dave Giegerich (Dobro), and Mark Delaney (banjo) interject back-to-back-to-back breaks that are nothing short of awesome. Kip Martin provides a rock-solid bass foundation for the band throughout. This CD will appeal to all bluegrass fans. Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa are an inspired, innovative group of traditionalists, who never venture too far from their roots, while elevating the music we love to a new plateau.

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2009


Keith Arneson & Wayne Taylor and Friends

This album contains contemporary bluegrass, with roots in Americana music. Keith Arneson and Wayne Taylor have worked together for the past 15 years. They both have been involved in bluegrass music for a long time and their love of music is apparent to all who see and hear them play.

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2001


It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Day

"It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Day" is Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa's third CD. It features songs of life, with a special guest artist; Melissa Keech-Armstrong who shares her beautiful voice and writing skills with the group (courtesy Detour Bluegrass). Wayne penned 13 of the songs, one of which was co-written with Melissa, and one co-written with Sofia Offa Helander from Sweden. There is also a novelty song called "Mash Your Finger" written by Wayne's long time friend David Parker that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Genre: Country: Bluegrass
Release Date: 2011

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Wayne Taylor's Great American Country Band Vol. 1

Classic country songs performed in a contemporary style.

Genre: Country: Countrypolitan
Release Date: 2017


Walking With the Angels

This is a compilation of well known gospel hymns. Each song has it's own unique character drawn from vast experience in jazz, country, R&B, Blues, Bluegrass and Pop Music. The title cut, is a song written as a tribute by Wayne for his Father. Wayne and Mickey decided to use their God given talents to create a collection of some of the World's most beloved hymns. Their goal was to keep the music as organic as possible by performing together as in a live performance. Mickey played the piano and C3 Hammond Organ, Wayne sang vocals and performed on an HD-35 Martin guitar.

Genre: Spiritual: Hymns
Release Date: 2015